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Boys & Girls playing in the Mid Kansas League (MKL) are determined by Grade they completed for the 2022-2023 school year.

Ages/School Grade Completed Division Game Nights
3/4 yrs old (By June 30, 2023)Coed TBallWednesday
5/6 yrs old (By June 30, 2023)Coed Coach PitchWednesday
1st/2nd Grade Girls MKL - Coach PitchMonday & Thursday 
1st/2nd Grade BoysMKL - Machine PitchTuesday & Friday 
3rd/4th Grade GirlsMKL - Kid PitchMonday & Thursday 
3rd/4th Grade BoysMKL - Kid PitchMonday & Thursday
 5th/6th Grade GirlsMKL - Youth PitchTuesday & Friday
 5th/6th Grade BoysMKL - Youth Pitch Tuesday & Friday